The whole household industry is crowding into the customized track. How hot is this plate? Almost all home brands to be listed are increasing or preparing the layout of whole house customization.

What's special about Lianyun furniture, which is preparing to impact the A-share listing recently? In the list of major shareholders of the company, there are two direct competitors. The actual controller of piano holds 4.58% and the actual controller of gold cabinet holds 9.66%. In addition, Pan home giant Dior home directly holds 4.82%.

The scale growth of Lianyun furniture is far lower than the industry average, and the gross profit margin is in the first echelon, but the net profit margin is lower than the average level, showing obvious characteristics of "high gross profit margin and low net profit margin".

The competition in the whole house customized home furnishing industry is intense, and the total market share of the nine giants in the industry shows a downward trend. At the same time, the real estate industry has entered a period of in-depth adjustment, and the impact on real estate chain companies is expected to continue. How to deal with Lianyun furniture?