It took a long time to know that some "chicken ribs" home design is the "source" of quarrel

2022-01-10 17:39 Foshan Lianyun furniture 377

It takes a long time to know that some "chicken ribs" home design is the "source" of quarrel. We should remember that we must not blindly follow the trend when decorating, especially those who look exquisite and good-looking. In the case of interior decoration, our family doesn't care. When we see what is popular on the Internet, we prepare what to install in advance, especially the aesthetics. When we don't move in, we feel that the decoration of the new house is too beautiful, just like the ancient castle in fairy tales.

But after a long time, you will find that most home decoration designs have their own appearance. Apart from selfie online, they really have no other advantages. Therefore, they quarreled with their relatives again and again. Therefore, I will share the experience of stepping on the pit with you. I hope you won't make mistakes again! After a long time, I found that this "optional" home decoration design is the "culprit" of the quarrel.

First move: put it in the middle, and the items appear more orderly

When the family has a large population, it's easy to learn that kind of well,

And convenient storage and sorting tips, why not try to learn how to place vertically and centrally.

As shown in the figure below, no matter the noodles on the wall,

Or something else in the house, without being placed vertically in the middle, looks a little chaotic.

The second move: unify the vision and reduce the color in the room

As shown in the figure below, the milky white finishing cabinet and the gray black TV tea table,

The hue is very far apart, which is obvious by comparison. The placement of such things can not give people an artistic beauty.